Jul 17, 2011


Each year, Olympia has a celebration known as Lakefair. This was the first year that we've been, it was fun! Ethan enjoyed riding the rides the most. Afterwards he asked if we could go back to Disneyland....we wish!

Here is on the firetruck ride:

Airplane ride:

Riding the quad:

Playdate with Joshy

This summer, we get to hang out with Joshua every week!
It's so much fun for Ethan and myself:)
Here are the boys at the park:

Throwing rocks:

G O A L !!!!

Well, not quite yet:)Ethan started soccer last week with Lacey Parks and Rec....he LOVED it!!! He keeps asking me when is his next soccer game:)
Getting ready:

 Working on agility:
 Working on stopping the ball with his feet:
 Listening to his coach:


Jul 6, 2011

Road Trip

We just got back from our road trip to Sunny, California! The trip was fantastic! We filled each day with a new adventure, and we were SO HAPPY to see our friends.
Here is Ethan leaving for the 18 hour (with out stops) drive:

13 hours later:

We decided to stop in Stockton, CA (funny, I know;). They have a great Children's Museum:

Then we swam in our hotel pool:

We finished the the drive, and stayed with the Miccio Family.
Here is Ethan chatting with Julia:

Chatting with Maya:

Watching TV with the girls:

We lounged in the lazy river at water park with our friends:
Then we went to DISNEYLAND!!!!
We saw Mickey right away (Ethan go to pinch his nose):

Then we had breakfast with other characters, which Ethan wasn't too fond of. He would hide next to Daddy, and then wave good-bye excitedly!

Here is his first park ride on Dumbo:

Here he is singing "It's a Small World" while on the ride:

I would say his top 2 rides were "Buzz Lightyear and Dumbo".
Oh yeah, here he is with his new (1st) gun, and some Cars 2 gear:

The next day, we drove up to Hollywood to watch Cars 2 at the El Capitan Theatre. This was Ethan's first movie in the theatre:) When I booked the seats, I didn't realize that it was in 3-d nor that there was a special Cars 2 event afterwards.
Here are Daddy and Ethan with their glasses on:

Meeting McQueen:

Meeting Mater:

Meeting Finn:

and here is a McQueen made out of Legos:

The next day we went to Manhattan Beach! What a beautiful day with friends!
Here are the many pics from that day:

We were supposed to leave on the 1st, but our friends were going out to the Burbank Bar and Grill, so we decided to stay an extra day....so GLAD that we did:)
Here are some pics from that night: